How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

how to make saddle in minecraft

Unlike other materials in Minecraft, you can’t craft the saddle. Instead, it would be best if you found the saddle. You can find a saddle in various locations like Dungeons, Temples, and Fortress.
You can also trade emeralds for a saddle in the villagers if you are loaded with loot. If you want a saddle immediately, you can follow the steps below to acquire it.

Loot Chests in your Adventure:

Since saddle can’t be crafted, you can add a saddle in your inventory by exploring the open word and looting chests. Each chest containing different items, and you need a bit of very much luck to get a saddle in the chests that you find in the open world. Don’t get disappointed you can get a saddle in other places in the world.

Chest in Dungeon:

You have a pretty much higher chance of getting a saddle in a dungeon. You can identify that you are in a dungeon by cobblestone floors and mossy stone walls. Each dungeon typically contains a zombie, spiders, skeletons, and 1 or 2 chests, and it’s pretty rare to see a dungeon with no chests to loot.

Chest in Nether Fortress:

To get a saddle in the Nether fortress, you have to access to the nether for that you have to build a Nether portal frame using obsidian blocks. A nether is a dangerous place make sure to bring strong gear and supplies to support your explorations in nether. You can find chests in the nether, which have a high possibility of carrying a saddle in it.

Get a saddle when Fishing:

You can add a saddle in your inventory by fishing in Minecraft. Cast you fishing line into the water, and you will start to see bubbles from the fish. If you wait with patients, then the bubbles will come close to the fishing line, and the bobber will get pulled into the water.

Once the bobber gets pulled, reel in the fishing line, you can catch fish and a slight possibility of getting a saddle and don’t make this your primary method to get a saddle.

Loot chest in Desert Temple:

The desert temple is a structure that appears in the desert biome. The temple may be partly or entirely covered in sand. Once you find out a temple, look for a blue clay block in the center, and digging it out will lead you to a secret chamber that contains 4 chests in it. Watch out for the TNT booby trap in the loot chamber. Make sure to disarm the pressure plate and diffuse the bomb. Else the TNT will explode and destroy the 2 chests with it.

Find a blacksmith:

There is a higher possibility of spawning a blacksmith in a village. And the blacksmiths have a chest in their building, and it has a higher opportunity to find a saddle.

Chest in jungle temple:

The jungle temple and abandoned mineshafts, the spawns chest has a possibility of 15% to contain a saddle in it. The jungle temple has 2 chests protected by many booby traps and whereas the abandoned mineshafts have various loot chests, depending on the size of the mineshafts.