How To Clean Up the Dog Hair In Your Home Without Losing Your Mind

Does the loss of your pets cause you to want to rip out your hair? We regard our pets as a family as animal lovers, and with that comes a house full of animal hair on the walls, furniture, and clothes. Even though without our furry friend, we can’t imagine our lives.

Here are some cool ways to clean up the dog hair from home.

how to clean up dog hair

Protect and hydrate.

A regular and full humidifier is the most effective way to remove pet hair from home. Start high and work low with the right accessories for vacuum walls, corners, curtains, and sills for beds. Static strength and low humidity can make pet fur adhere to surfaces in a home.

Operating a humidifier is good for you and makes it easier to breathe, the skin’s texture is more hydrated, which helps prevent locks of loose hair from sticking to surfaces. Hold a daily aspiration plan for those who have a pet to maintain a pet-free home. You can refer some helpful resource to find the best humidifier for your dog.

Regulate the habit of grooming

Do that, if possible. Would you hate your pet fixation? Speak of it like a vacuum cleaner but until the floor is hit. And if you want to dress up, then choose the ideal toilet machine. We (or our puppies) like the Trixie¬† Care brush, which has a hand tie, so it’s easy to use on long hair and short hair dogs.

There are plenty of five-star dog grooming brushes to choose from online. With dogs, the luxurious pet brush with extra-soft silicone pins is our preference but look with five-star dog grooming brushes for an option your moggie will like.

Buy a squeegee

An ideal tool to extract animal hair from the upholstery, such as a couch, is a window cleaning squeegee. Push the squeegee back and forth in the field. The tip of the rubber quickly hydrates the material’s fur.

When you wonder how to extract animal hair from your carpet, even on the most stubborn fur at the bottom of the carpet, the window squeegee works well.


After washing thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner, use a slightly moist mop or wash sponge on a hair carpet. Just keep the sponge or mop for this use. The mop/sponge picks up any animal hair lost through your vacuum.

Sprinkle a very light layer of baking soda on the carpet before vacuuming in homes where animals lose something. That will help loosen the hair and make collection easier.

When vacuuming, you may also spray some fabric softener diluted with water on the carpet. Do not damp the carpet: spray lightly to dry. The fabric softener softens hair and removes the stiff force that forces hair against the fabrics of the carpet.

Cover Surfaces With a Pet Cover

If your cat or dog has a chosen bright spot on your bed, sofa or rug, protect it by covering it with a blanket or carpet for pets that may join the washing machine once a week. It will not only cover your floor and furniture but also help your vacuum cleaner live longer.

And don’t forget to regularly wash pet beds: if you can smell it (or if the visitors frown as they enter the house), you’ll know it’s late. We checked the best pet beds, and this could cause them if your pet uses the sofa/bed instead.

clean dog hair in your home

Consider necessary the lint roller

Do not leave the house with skins around you. Lint rollers can save animal lover’s lives by removing hair from clothing, furnishings, and other soft surfaces. This useful tool is lightweight and has many uses, so for pet owners, it’s absolutely essential.

Clean the padding

Use this wet sponge technique on the padding, and for easy selection, it will cover the hair. Often, something made of rubber picks up the hair, because of the static force that draws it to the rubber surface.

If you rub it on the floor, rubber gloves, or perhaps an inflated balloon, gather hair from the upholstery and the fabrics. For a quick set, fabric softener sheets are awesome. Rub them to attach loose hairs on the faces of furniture, fabrics, and walls. Velcro straps fit well too.

Please keep your floor clean, so that animal hair has less space to gather and hide! Hanging laundry helps keep it lint-free, and cleaning the carpets and sheets that your pet is in touch with also stops fur from building up. When required, carry a lint roller or a duct tape cover over clothes.

Eradicate the hair in a tumble dryer

I am talking about using the washer to clean animal hair. Place your animal-laden fabrics with a fabric softener sheet or dryer balls in the dryer until you do so-wash them for 10 minutes before drying.

Unlike the washing machine, which can inject the animal’s hair into a cloth’s fibers, the sheets/balls, the dryer’s operation, and the hot environment can release the hair and end up lint trap, ready to be removed. Shake clothes in the washing machine before putting them on. Wanna get a new dryer? See our pick of the best.