How to Cut Your Hair at Home

There are situations where we cannot go to a saloon or find a saloon in a nearer place for a hairdo, so our only option will be doing it on our own with the limited tools that we own. Cutting the hair on our own is a risky and tough work to do. We may also spoil our look too.

But, with the right tools and proper knowledge, you can do it right. Grooming your hair is equally important that other kinds of stuff that we do to make ourselves look good. 

When you are sure about doing your haircut on your own, you seriously need to know the basic steps and instructions to be followed, which will not ruin your style. To make your work simple, we here guide you with some cool tips that are needed to be followed while cutting your hair.

Don’t panic before you start these steps will help you a lot, so stick by and get to know them. If you are a parent who wants to do hair cut for your child means choose the best boys haircuts before diving into the topic.

cut your hair at home

Tools that you need to do a perfect haircut

  • Handheld mirror
  • Pair of sharp scissors
  • Hair Brush and Comb
  • Hair Trimmer and Clipping set

How to Cut Your Hair

Here are the simple steps that you need to follow while cutting your hair,

Step 1: Give yourself a proper hair wash with your shampoo. After the hair washes, dry your hair. Remember, do not dry your hair hard with the towel; it will cause damage. Instead, just slowly remove the excess water alone. A clean is always recommended whenever you start over your haircut.

Step 2: Use hair blowers to dry your hair a little bit. Make sure that your hair is not completely wet, let it be damped. 

Step 3: Using your favorite or most preferred hairbrush and comb, brush, or comb your hair gently. Normally partition the hair and section off. In the end, you need to make sure that most of your hair is on the top.

Step 4: From here, the steps are going to be complicated, so pay some attention and follow them. Grab your hair trimmer and clippers. Usually, there are five types of clippers, and we are not going to use all of them. Plug-in the hair trimmer, and choose the number 5 clipper size. 

Step 5: Now, without any fear, try to trim your sides and back up and out. Repeat this with the other clipper sizes too. After this, you will end up with some hair trimmed on your sides and back. Later without using any clippers, trim off the hair along with the ears nice and low. Use a handheld mirror to check your back. It is always recommended for you to have someone who can help you in this process.

Step 6: When you are done with the sides, wash your hair again and towel dry them. Let it be damped so that it is easier to cut again and combo your hair on the top.

Step 7: Let’s get to the top of the hair. With the comb, take a section of hair pull up and held up with your fingers. Now grab your scissors, you are just going to cut a little bit of hair in the end, depending on how much you need to cut them off. Then, take the section right next to it cut them off. Repeat the process by moving section by section over the hair.

Step 8: After cutting your hair, wash, or take a shower. Towel dry properly and let the hair still damped. 

Step 9: The step is to use some natural oil to protect your hair from the heat that is caused by your hair blowers. With minimum heat and velocity, dry the hair with the hair blowers.

Step 10: Finally, to make your hair cut look perfect apply a little amount of hair product. Apply it on all the parts of your hair, brush your hair nicely, and now your hair will look smooth and shiny.


That’s it; you are now a hairstylist. Instead of spending time and money with the stylist, you can save that money and spend it at a night party. With the help of the above mention steps, you can make your haircut with minimal effort. Regular practice of cutting your hair will make you keep away from the saloon. Be careful while you are doing this. 

So, next time when you think about having a hair cut at your home, gear up your tools, and make sure that you get to know the basic knowledge to proceed. Now we are at the end of the article, by simply following, and by spending some time, these steps will help you to get a quick and simple haircut. I’m pretty sure you will love it.

Enjoy cutting your hair!