How to Find Easy to Rank Keywords with Low Competition

For the past few years my keyword research strategy has been changed significantly. Because google releases new update every week. And it is very hard to drive traffic to your site and make few bucks because Google prefers authority sites than newer one.

Don’t lose your hope buddy you already ranked your website on google and made some good amount of money to your bank account. So you can do it now also. All you need is small in change the keyword research strategy to adopt new updates.

Keyword research is the most important thing in digital marketing so I always complete this work first and move to other. Also I recommend you to do the same.

find easy to rank keywords

How to Find Low Competitive Keywords

Let me tell you my secret keyword research technique. All you need to do is stay away from competitive niches like Finance, make money online, education etc. These niches are well known for every internet marketers on the planet. So everyone will target the same niche.

Look for very low competitive niches through various tools like Google Keyword Planner, RankTrackers Keyword Finder, Semrush etc. If you do this work perfectly you will get a handful of low competitive niches.

Here comes the critical stage in our research that is finding the low competitive keywords. To do this you have to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Keyword Finding Tool
  • Keyword Metrics
  • Manual Research Work

Keyword Finding Tool

You definitely need the best keyword finder to start your keyword hunting process. I personally use RankTracker’s Keyword Finder tool to do all of my keyword research work. I tried other tools also but none of them worked like Keyword Finder.

After getting the keyword finder tool, you need to enter those low competitive niches in this tool. Then it will generate a list of long tail keywords based on your niche.

Note all the generated keywords and move to the next step.

find low competition keywords

Keyword Metrics

There are wide number of metrics available for choosing a low competitive keyword. But I consider only few metrics like keyword search volume, KD and CPC.

Keyword search volume is the most important metric for me to choose a low competitive keyword. Because keywords with searches like 200 – 300 won’t make any profit. So I choose keywords which have minimum search volume of 1000.

Keyword Difficulty(KD) is not at all a important factor to consider but it will give you some idea about competitors. Like, if your keyword has a KD of  70+ means your competitors will be authority sites like techradar. If it is between 50 – 70 means your competitors will be moderate and less than 50 means your keyword comes under low competition.

CPC is the important metric for pair marketers but for us it is not really a big thing. But with CPC value we can able to assume the approximate earnings per month. CPC of 2$ to 5$ is really a good value to choose.

Manual Research Work

So far you did the research work with the help of keyword finder tool. Now give some work to your mind and do the manual research work.

Enter the chosen keyword in google and check the top 20 results manually. You have to reverse each one of the site in Moz, Majestic, Semrush for off-page seo stuffs. For on-page SEO you have to analyze each site’s design, structure and length of the content.

After reversing all the sites compare the results then you will get clear knowledge about on-page and off-page SEO that you need to follow on your website.

The keyword which have less number of competition will be your primary keyword for initial start. After that you can target one by one.

Apart from these you can get keyword ideas from social networking sites like stumpleupon,pinterest, instagram and twitter. Reversing amazon also will give you good number of keywords to work. Also, you can visit your local library to get keyword ideas.