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A guide to Historical Role Playing Games forum

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Posted 05 May 2008 - 11:05 PM


The Historical Role Play Games was established in May 2008 to allow more fun activities within CHF. Historical Role Play Games had already begun in our Dragon Gate Inn, but owing to its interactiveness and fun, we have decided to dedicate a special forum for all who are interested to joining the games.


All members have the ability to join in the game whenever you have the time. By role play, we mean you will act out a role in the game and will attempt to write your activities as the plot of storyline/game continues.


A person can start a game by initiating a thread. He will generally be the 'game-master' or 'boss' of the game. He will provide the rules, historical settings and various information about the game. He can also attract more players to join, and decide what will their roles be in the game. In any case of violation of game rules, a starter can decide whether to stop a player from continuing the game or replace him with another person. This can only be done with the help of staff moderators

Game Masters

Usually, the starter of a game will by default be the Game Master. But if he's not free, he can choose another person to take over to be the game master. His role is to decide and control how the plot can go, make sure game rule are properly followed, keep players the status of how the game has developed as well as decide any further role to go. A Game Master usually does not play any role in the game. But he is an important person.

Historical Settings

Since CHF is a 'history forum', our role playing games must be of historical theme. It can be a chinese setting, vietnamese setting, Korean setting or even European/Roman settings, as much as world history is concerned. Historical settings or information must be provided prior to the start of the game so that players know what time frame/settings the games were played.

History or Fiction

Game Master can decide whether the game must follow historical accuracy or it can follow certain fiction.

Dialogue mode in Role Play

The player can act on a role by speaking in a dialogue mode. Be prepared to use italic to highlight dialogue to differentiate from narration.

Types of Role Play

Role Play can have many different types. Below are some examples:

Battles (information such as countries involved, forces used, weapons, strength, generals, maps must be provided)

Martial Art Genre (historical settings, players involved, background bio of player)

Diplomacy (forming allies or enemies)

Court Conspiracy (establishing a plot/assassination of enemies, upsurp throne etc.)

Empire Building (establishing trade link, raising army, collect taxes, run the economy etc)
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