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(3) What is Ten Wings (Confucian commentary on Zhou Yi)?

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Posted 24 July 2011 - 11:55 PM

序卦傳 (Xu Gua Zhuan: the commentary on the sequence of 64 hexagrams): It unfolds the course of 64 hexagrams stepping onto the stage of the I Ching, one after another, in following the Wen Wang’s sequence.

彖傳 (Tuan Zhuan: the commentary on the hexagram text): It explains the name, the phenomenon and the text of each hexagram; it also includes some remarks made by Confucius. In accordance with the two volumes of the I Ching, it is divided into two chapters and constructs two wings.

象傳 (Xiang Zhuan: the commentary on the image) in two chapters: It is made individually for every hexagram and their lines. The one of the hexagram is to give advice on how a person should behave himself according to the images presented by the hexagram. The other one of the line is mainly to explain the cause or effect of the line concerned in accordance with its possessing characteristics.

係詞傳 (Xi Ci Zhuan: the commentary on the text tagging) in two chapters: It explains the doctrine of the I Ching and the principles of Yi, as well as the reasons that the I Ching is so great and profound.

文言 (Wen Yan: the additional remarks of the hexagram Qian and Kun): Qian and Kun are the threshold of the I Ching, from which the other 62 hexagrams evolve, one after another. Therefore additional remarks are given to these two hexagrams and their lines.

說卦傳 (Shuo Gua Zhuan: the commentary on the trigram): It describes the formation of the trigram and the image of each trigram.

雜卦傳 (Za Gua Zhuan: the commentary on the coupled hexagrams): It manifests the feature of each hexagram by comparing it with its reversed or changed hexagram.

Usually Confucian paraphrase on the text of Zhou Yi is made together with Tuan Zhuan and Xiang Zhuan


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Posted 08 May 2013 - 03:32 AM

The fourth one should be "繫辭傳"  instead of "係詞傳" , please check。

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