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Directory List of Important Info Threads

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Posted 25 January 2006 - 04:11 AM

Below lists the directory of important info threads covering different aspects of chinese culture

<>Traditional Chinese Music and Instruments

>>Traditional Chinese Music
Link: http://www.chinahist...hp?showtopic=76
Info: Contains info about chinese music and instruments

<> Traditional Chinese Dressing and Clothings

>> Neat Chinese clothings
Link: http://www.chinahist...?showtopic=1608
Info: Contains link to a site on traditional chinese costumers

>> Traditional Chinese Clothings
Link: http://www.chinahist...?showtopic=1293
Info: Contains pictures of traditional chinese costumes

>> Best Traditional Chinese Costumes
Link: http://www.chinahist...?showtopic=1958
Info: Contains info and pictures of traditional chinese costumes

>>Hair Style for young chinese girls
Link: http://www.chinahist...?showtopic=9053
Info: Contains pictures of traditional hair style for young girls.

>>Women's internal clothing in Imperial China
Link: http://www.chinahist...?showtopic=7887
Info: Contains pictures and info about womens' internal clothing in Imperial China

<>Chinese Calendar System

>>How to determine your chinese animal zodiac
Link: http://www.chinahist...?showtopic=9253
Info: Contains link to sites on determining chinese animal zodiac and explanation of the system

>>Regular off-days in traditional chinese calendar
Link: http://www.chinahist...?showtopic=8882
Info: Contains information whether there are holidays in traditional chinese calendar.

>>Gan Zhi (干支) - Stems and Branches
Link: http://www.chinahist...?showtopic=8330
Info: About Gan Zhi system, important aspects of traditional chinese calendar.

>>Why is Spring Festival in the middle of winter?
Link: http://www.chinahist...?showtopic=8711
Info: Contains answer to this question.

>>Origins of the chinese horosocope - 12 Zodiacs (astrology)
Info: Contains info about the origins and history of chinese horoscope

<>Chinese Names

>>How to pick chinese names for your children?
Link: http://www.chinahist...?showtopic=9186
Info: Contains information on picking chinese names and chinese naming method

<>Chinese Family Culture

>>Chinese Surnames, Clans
Info: Contains information on the terminology and historical development of chinese surnames.

<>Colors in Traditional Chinese Culture

>>Colors in traditional chinese culture
Link: http://www.chinahist...?showtopic=8993
Info: Info about colors in traditional Chinese culture

>>Colors of chinese dynasty
Link: http://www.chinahist...?showtopic=3459
Info: Info about colors used in chinese dynasty

<>Chinese Fengshui (Geomancy)

>>Fengshui - ancient art of chinese placement
Link: http://www.chinahist...?showtopic=7025
Info: Contains info about Fengshui

<>Chinese Divination (Fortune Telling)

>>Chinese Face Reading
Info: Contains info about chinese art of face reading

<>Chinese Games and Chess

>>Chinese Chess - Xiangqi and Weiqi
Link: http://www.chinahist...p?showtopic=369
Info: Information about the history of chinese chess and playing strategy

>>CHF Traditional Chinese Game : 7 piece puzzles
Link: http://www.chinahist...showtopic=12935
Info: About how to play this traditional chinese game.

>>Historical origin of Mahjong
Link: http://www.chinahist...showtopic=10488
Info: Trace the historical origin of Mahjong

>>Shuttlecock Game
Link: http://www.chinahist...showtopic=24023
Info: About the shuttlecock game

<>Chinese Calligraphy

>>Chinese Calligraphy
Link: http://www.chinahist...?showtopic=1025
Info: Information about chinese calligraphy

<>Chinese Festivals

>>Info on major chinese traditional festivals
Link: http://www.chinahist...p?showtopic=275
Info: Contains info about major chinese traditional festivals

<>Chinese Stamps/Seals

>>Traditional Chinese Chops/Stamps
Link: http://www.chinahist...showtopic=12960
Info: Contains info on chinese chops

<>Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

>>Chinese Medicine at a glance
Link: http://www.chinahist...showtopic=13080
Info: Contains info on chinese medicine

<>Chinese Economy

>>Introduction to ancient chinese economy
Link: http://www.chinahist...showtopic=19241
Info: Contains information about unresolved secrets of China.

>>Why China didn't industrialize?
Link: http://www.chinahist...showtopic=16398
Info: Contains historical information tracing to why China didn't have an industrial revolution like in Europe

>>Question on ancient chinese money/currencies
Link: http://www.chinahist...showtopic=14425
Info: Contains info on ancient chinese currency

<>General Chinese Culture

>>Unresolved Secrets of China
Link: http://www.chinahist...?showtopic=5228
Info: Contains information about unresolved secrets of China.

..list to be updated regularly.. Recently updated August 4th, 2006
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